Setup In-feed Ad on Blogger page.

In-feed Ad

Adsense Introduce two New Type of Ads these are InArticle Ads and In-feed Native ads. These are introduced for boost earning of Adsense Publiser. In-feed Native ad can be shown in between your posts. So How you can do that? Read this article carefully, this will be end of your search for in-feed Native Ad.

You must try this, if you've organic traffic on your site. Your earning could be boost up to 20%

Setup On Blogger

Step.1: Create an In-feed Native ad from your adsense account. That can be done by selecting,

  • My Ads
  • New Ad Unit
  • Native In-feed Ad
  • Choose layout accordingly

After generating a Code for In-feed Ad Unit, Copy that ad code and Paste it in notepad.

Step.2: Now Prase your adsense code click here to Parse your code.

Step.3: Now Open Your Blogger Account and Go to Theme. And Select Edit HTML.

Step.4: In Edit HTML page search showinlineads ,

  • Change value of 'showinlineads' to 'true'
Now search postsPerAd
  • Change value of 'postsPerAd' to '4'

Note: in value of postsPerAd you can change to 1-7 i.e. after how much post you want to show ads


<b:widget-setting name='showTimestamp'>true</b:widget-setting> <b:widget-setting name='postsPerAd'>1</b:widget-setting> <b:widget-setting name='showBacklinks'>false</b:widget-setting> <b:widget-setting name='style.bordercolor'>#ff5b4d</b:widget-setting> <b:widget-setting name='showInlineAds'>false</b:widget-setting> <b:widget-setting name='showReactions'>false</b:widget-setting>
<b:widget-setting name='showTimestamp'>true</b:widget-setting>
      <b:widget-setting name='postsPerAd'>4</b:widget-setting>
      <b:widget-setting name='showBacklinks'>false</b:widget-setting>
      <b:widget-setting name='style.bordercolor'>#ff5b4d</b:widget-setting>
      <b:widget-setting name='showInlineAds'>true</b:widget-setting>
      <b:widget-setting name='showReactions'>false</b:widget-setting>

Step.5: Now find <data:adcode/> and replace that with your Adsense parse code (Step 2 for Parse a code)

Some images and Video Help


Step 3


Step 3

search <data:adcode/> and replace that with your in-feed ad code.


step 4


setp 4
Now you've done. For more explanation please watch our step to step video guide.