Thinking to create a website?

If you're thinking to create a website/blog. And you're confused how to and where to ? It's a very common question for all who wants to start a blog or website.


Second thing comes in your mind is that where to install your idea? Two majors are Blogger or Wordpress? But what is the difference between the two ? Here we'll discuss.
Here we'll discuss about not
If you go with wordpress you've to choose where to host your website that may be Bluehost, DreamHost, SiteGround or Godaddy etc. For Wordpress, most preferable is Bluehost otherwise your choice.
And in Blogger you can create your blog in a very simple way, You can also run HTML,CSS, JavaScript without any plugin. And also Blogger allow you to customize its url like instead , you can buy a domain name from Godaddy, Bigrock and now a days Google itself provide domain name, you can buy it from Google too. For normal blog writing you can go with Blogger as it can handle large traffic at a time. But in blogger you can't control everything mean there will be no total control of your. You can control 80% only


  • You'll charge only for a domain name and no other hosting charges
  • You can control 80% of your blog.
  • This is not owned by you completely, in terms and condition of this. Google has right to shut down its(blogger) services.
  • If you mistakenly delete a popular post that mean you delete url of that page, it that case you can't retrieve that specific url(of deleted post) and If that is your popular post, It will always show error 404 for that url. Solution is only redirect that url by creating a same content on a new page.
  • Can't make full control on SEO as many templates provide no header (h1) file.


  • Complete control
  • You've to pay for hosting and keep in mind that you're purchasing a plan that can handle your traffic.
  • You can run php and all other pages on your server
  • Good SEO can be obtained.

Note that: Blogger is completely control by Google and Google can delete your blog if it(Google) found something wrong in it. We've solution for this too and will write an Article on this too.