Four Simple ways to increase CPC.

CPC is a key of increase daily revenue of any website, blog or YouTube channel. If CPC is high your income will be high. You can say that CPC is directly proportional to your income. But what to do when CPC is low ?

Increase CPC in Google Adsense

You might read this in many blogs

  • Find out low value ads and block them.
  • Search category of low earning and block them.
  • Choose right niche for your website.


How much low value ads you could find, you can block only 500 urls then what about more and if later their(blocked urls) CPC increased then what? Second is low earning category: In a category there is not only 1 bid, so don't block that it might happen all ads are not appearing of that category. And 3rd is choose right niche: It is good for who are thinking to create a website, of course niche matters but what happen when you already own a website ?

There are some right ways and tips not tricks to increase your CPC and other parameters.

1. Adbalance

Adbalance is a feature of Adsense which filter out all low value ads and shows user interested and high value i.e. High CPC ads only. So now there is no need to find each low value ads and block them.

How it works and how to set this?

Open Your Adsense account > click on my ads then select "Adbalance". Now you will see two meters set at 100%. Upper meter shows total earning and other show number of ads. Adsense show "best user experience" below that. Set number of ads meters equal to "best user experience" save this. Now 50% work is done..

2. Number of Ads

Place less ads on your page. I recommend 3 ads per page. If you've very long content then you can place more than that. You might think what it do? It increase RPM, CTR and other parameters.

3. Keywords.

Use keywords of high CPC of that category. Just Google that and add to your niche.

4. Niche

Whatever your niche is, doesn't matter but if you want to start then choose a right niche of HIGH CPC. But if you already have then make it clean, easy to navigate and user friendly so that user understand where he/she is on the page and he got what he looking for.

Then keep these setting for 48 hours. Within 48 hour once your CPC might decrease and see result just after 24 to 36 hours.

If you like above article and beneficial for you then share your views/result below.