Ad balance is under maintenance

Google adsense has a feature Ad Balance. And it is used for showing ads that target more users interest and of high CPC value.

You'll see a message on your device Screen that

Ad balance is under maintenance

Your Ad balance settings have been reset and your revenue isn't affected.
Our engineers are working on it. Please check back again soon.


Why Ad Balance under maintenance ?

A condition when it show that set ad balance to boost your income. you set it, says at 70% and it shows income 99%, after some days it says set again as it filter out more ads and show only high values ads on your site. Now you set it at 44% and income 99%. When it go to low value or very few number of ads in your ad balance list and Adsense have new ads available. The new ads are ready for your Adsense(new ads may be of higher value or low value) but ad balance not allows them as these new bids are not listed in your 44% boost list. To add all new ads (bids) and check their performance on your site, Google Adsense reset your Ad balance and run an experiment.
This experiment collect data by showing various ads and check interest of your user.These new ads of may be

  • New category ads.
  • New type of ads.
  • New ads of same category as of previous etc.

This experiment may take 7 days to 28 days according to number of users of that website, number of impressions etc. So you do not need to worry about this. And when it appear again, will increase your CPC, RPM, and CTR etc.