Apply for Adsense

Adsense is product of Google which is used by many blogger/website as a income source and inspire them to write good articles.

How can I earn Money from Google Adsense?

Google Adsense

As you know Network of Google is very huge. A lot of products it have, Adsense is one of them. Google adnetwork pick an ad from some org or brand and ask you to show that ads on your page. But before doing so, Google wants to confirm that your website or content is good and enough in nature. Your website/blog has a good trafic. You are not publishing any illegal material/software.

If you're an owner of a website/blog with a good content, you can apply for adsense. But before applying you should keep in mind some point

  • User Interface of the page
  • A user can easily understand where they are standing/surfing on your page, i.e. page navigation.
  • Speed of your blog i.e how much fast your page load.
  • Your page not carring other's copyright content.

And Also some pages be there

  • Privacy Policy page
  • About US and Contact US pages

Rejection of Adsense

Your application is respond by google within 7 days, sometime they respond in 3 days too so sit aside and wait for their response. But when you apply again and again from many accounts (Gmail) it may leave you with no response.

When your application is approved, its good news for you.

But when not? What should you do?

Rejection of application may be due to many resons. You'll receive an email from Google Adsense Team regarding the same, mentioning reasons and suggestion. You must follow the suggestion written in mail and after achiving/completing all you may re-apply but please make sure that you followed all the suggestion mention in that mail.

Note: don't subscribe any other ad service before applying for adsense.